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Act Like You’ve Been There Before…

Recently, I saw someone share a tweet from a young, aspiring VC who posed a GIF on Twitter depicting an irreverent character in an effort to share his frustration that investors aren’t keen to invest in first time managers. My … Continue reading

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Who Benefits From Your Success?

Since I started mentoring at Techstars back in 2007, I’ve sat and talked with hundreds of founders trying to raise seed rounds and I’m often left scratching my head at the lack of strategic thought that goes into figuring out … Continue reading

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Taking The Plug Out Of “Unplugged”

Over the years, my wife Pam and I have developed a great system together: I plan our vacations, and she plans everything else. There’s no ambiguity. When we’re at home, I do what I’m told, go where she tells me … Continue reading

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Why We Invested In Wevorce

Four years ago Michelle Crosby sat down in my office and told me about her plan to completely disrupt the divorce industry. Her story was fascinating: A child who watched her parents go through a brutal divorce becomes a divorce … Continue reading

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