Hero Ride – Boise State & BYU

During the week of Sept 17 (BYU / Boise St game), the Thursday’s Heroes Foundation (see video below) is planning to ride from Provo to Boise. This ride is to raise awareness for an incredible non-profit foundation that helps cover medical costs for special needs kids. With so many negative things that are happening in college sports, BYU & Boise State are teaming up to do this ride to highlight some of the positive things that are also happening. In fact, ESPN & BYUtv are planning to provide coverage of the ride and (hopefully) feature the story during pre-game or half-time (not 100% confirmed, but looking good). I recently heard about this and thought that it was a great idea. They already have a some of the Thursday Hero kids and their families that are planning to participate.

How you can help: They are hoping to get a group of BSU fans to participate in the last leg of the ride as the group enters into Boise. This ride isn’t about BYU. It isn’t about BSU. It’s about BYU & BSU coming together to support kids in need. Can you help us spread the word and try to round up 10+ BSU fans that enjoy cycling to participate? Any help spreading the word will help. Feel free to put this into a blog and/or forward this email to anyone & everyone that you can (especially if they are interested in cycling).

Anyone interested in the ride can call Cort Trejo at theBYU football office (801-422-2916). Thanks!

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