About Me

I‘m part of an remarkable team of people at Techstars, which we believe to be the most important entrepreneur’s network in the world. We’re empowering entrepreneurs worldwide with the resources to build successful businesses wherever they want to live. Prior to Techstars, I helped build Highway 12 Ventures, a terrific venture capital firm which focused on investing in early-stage technology startups in the mountain west.. I’ve lived in Boise, Idaho for a long time now and love so many things about this small, charming town, none more so than running, biking and skiing in our beautiful mountains.

I’m in awe of the entrepreneurs that I get to work with every day. For over twenty years now I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of the most driven and creative people in the world. To be included in that small part of the universe has been both enlightening and incredibly rewarding for me.

I’m married to Pam. She spends a great deal of time working to improve the quality education in Boise, contributing her time and effort to various non-profit organizations in that vein, particularly as the President of the Board of the Boise School Foundation. She’s my biggest inspiration.

We feel lucky that we get to be the parents of two amazing teenagers and marvel at watching their journey into adulthood. We also have a stable of pets though the number rotates depending upon neighborhood stray traffic and vacancy opportunities in our home. All of our pet’s names are related to the Grateful Dead. My ’86 CJ7, my skis and my mountain bike are my favorite possessions and our garage is overflowing with outdoor gear. This makes me happy.

Thanks for stopping by.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Ken says:

    Keep it up Mark! I love what you’re doing in the tech world, I found you through ello ( I’m still hoping to get an invite from somebody – hint hint) I love that you have a passion for your family, and for Idaho ( where I also live) I love your passion for writing, it reminds me of me in another life. I especially liked what you wrote about your son’s going up to contribute to society, it was something that my folks instilled in me, and I hope I instilled that in my daughters. I love your dog too, reminds me of my dear departed four-legged friend Lela.
    Again, keep up the awesome work,( and if you have one of them invitations kicking around pass it on please)


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