Why “TWITT”?

Early in my career, I worked with a more experienced partner named Michael Barack who wouldn’t take a meeting with me to discuss a potential investment unless I first committed my thoughts about the opportunity to paper. He had a deeply held belief that “to write is to think,” i.e. writing forces one to clarify their thoughts. Back then I bristled at this, but over the years I’ve grown to understand what he meant. In today’s world, it’s simple to knock out 140 characters and throw it out there.  For me, to create something worthy of asking folks to take a few moments of their lives to read takes more careful consideration. I’ve never been able to blog on a consistent basis and often have long droughts. Know that my posts are the result of at least some degree of thought. If you read something here I can’t promise you’ll like or agree with it, only that I’ve considered it…

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